Failure to deliver Brexit would consign the Conservative Party to the history books

Failure to deliver Brexit would consign the Conservative Party to the history books

I fear the British people are about to experience the worst betrayal in political history.

I use the word betrayal as I did in my letter (published in last weekend’s Sunday Telegraph) to the Conservative Party Chairman, Brandon Lewis, just after the recent No Confidence vote in the House of Commons. I hope others in the Party will join me in uniting against this heinous act committed against the will of the 17.4 million brave people who voted to Leave in the 2016 referendum.

The British people voted to leave despite “Project Fear” doom-mongers telling us that if we left the European Union the country would be plunged into our darkest economic period since the 1920s. All the so called ‘economic experts’, including the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, predicted mass unemployment, that the pound would plummet and how we would be outcasts in the wider world. It simply has not happened. May I remind you that these are the same ‘experts’ that predicted all of the same back in 1999 if we didn’t join the euro, which is now failing.

Across the eurozone, we are witnessing fear and discontent amongst the people, the once mighty economy of Germany is struggling, the French people are rising up against Macron’s economic reforms and the further confederation of the EU superstate. The average European citizen is witnessing a decline in the individual economic growth of member states, resulting in the decline of countries such as Italy, Portugal, Spain and Greece.

Who on earth would want to be part of a club in such decline? Immigration across Europe is surging, largely due to the wealthy and permissive societies of Europe becoming more and more attractive to those who seek a better life.

This failing economic and political experiment will undoubtedly bring about the demise of the great European integration master plan.

The ballots had barely been counted for the Brexit vote before the plotters began their plan to reverse the will of the people and attempt, by hook or by crook, to lock us into the failing and corrupt European Union. Shamefully, the architects of this betrayal sit in Parliament itself. Parliamentarians have decided in their infinite wisdom that we, the voters, have made a huge error of judgement and to act in our best interests they must take control of the Brexit process, because they know best.

I made it perfectly clear in my earlier letter that the British people will never forgive the Government for its utter dereliction of its duty if it fails to carry out the will of the people. We are now being told that if parliamentarians don’t get behind the Prime Minister’s plan, which would tie to us the EU forever, we risk the delay of Article 50, a second referendum or worse still “no Brexit”. The British people will not tolerate it.

The time has come to send a very clear message to those parliamentarians and remind them that the referendum result was clear. The will of the people must be implemented in its entirety. Conservative MPs and the Government must stop seeking to deny us the Brexit we voted for and unite behind leaving under WTO rules if the EU refuses to make amendments to the Withdrawal Agreement.

If democracy is to survive in the United Kingdom, our elected officials must stand and deliver.

The Government has just over sixty days to save Brexit and regain the faith of the British people. Failure to do so would consign the Conservative Party to the history books as the public would hold us responsible – and who could blame them?

Back in 2017, when the misguided snap election was called, Tory activists turned out in their droves to campaign for the party. Regrettably, because of the Government’s badly-managed handling of Brexit, in Hornchurch and Upminster the long-standing party faithful are not renewing their membership. Our strong group of activists who would turn up week after week, no matter the weather, for local campaigning no longer bother to turn up. These are the people whose efforts have paved the way for MPs and councillors like me to get elected. Without them, the party is doomed. If the people are betrayed, what is the incentive for local activists to come out and campaign?

I personally would find it extremely difficult to remain a member of a party that was hell bent on reversing the will of the people and if someone like me feels that way, who has dedicated all of my adult life to the party, what hope can we expect from the electorate?

I urge the Prime Minister, the Government and all Conservative MPs to think carefully about the damage the anti-Brexit, anti-democracy stance has had on our Party. The British people did not vote for a deal, they voted to Leave and that must be delivered. Make no mistake – failure to do so will send the party to oblivion.