Establishment Remainers are doing their best to block Brexit, but any further delay would be totally unacceptable

Establishment Remainers are doing their best to block Brexit, but any further delay would be totally unacceptable

Every day I watch, listen and read with disbelief the propaganda that is spouted by a Remain-orientated Establishment. The Biased Broadcasting Company is one of the worst offenders. Having worked with the BBC for nine years as a journalist, I find it its treatment of Brexit truly shocking.

The trashing of our democracy, by those who can’t even spell the word, now sees the Prime Minister’s decision to prorogue Parliament in the Supreme Court. You really could not make this up.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats vote to drop Brexit altogether and former Prime Minister David Cameron emerges from his caravan to vent his spleen on all those who dared to stand up for their country.

I recall Michael Gove’s dilemma well. Torn between friendship and country, he chose the latter. It was the right choice and, if the friendship had been genuine, his courageous decision would have had no effect.

I also recall the disastrous Fixed-term Parliaments Act, which was sold as the glue to hold two parties together during challenging economic times. It was no such thing. It simply guaranteed three ambitious, young men the chance to maintain power for five years.

Pride comes before a fall, and we are now paying a weighty price as Opposition parties team up to stop a general election.

As the Brexit debate rages on and on, faith in politicians and politics continues to sink into the gutter. The rhetoric dances between intolerant and vile, fuelled by Project Fear 1 to 10, an exercise that spreads only confusion, doubt and despair.

In the EU, bureaucrats and politicians continue to make their disdain for the UK and our referendum clear. Former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, attending the Liberal Democrat conference, now calls for an European Empire!

He’s only reiterating what we already knew, but, still, it is truly sobering to be reminded of this utopian nightmare that awaits us if we fail to leave.

No one in their right mind can honestly believe that such an empire is the solution to the world’s problems. Rather than bring Europe together, it would tear it apart, and is.

There is nothing more significant, more important and more necessary than a sovereign nation. Losing control of its laws, borders and money diminishes it to nothing more than a vassal state. Is this really what the likes of David Cameron et al want?

In Boris Johnson, we now at last have a leader. Leading is not for the faint-hearted, or for those who attempt to please everyone, as did both his predecessors.

He had no choice but to remove the whip from 21 of my colleagues, as they knowingly handed over executive control of Brexit, via a biased Speaker, to a Marxist and other Opposition parties hell-bent on thwarting the democratic will of 17.4 million people.

Mr Johnson’s determination to see us leave the EU on 31st October is both admirable and honourable.

Any more delay is totally unacceptable and will lead to further chaos and division.

I have complete faith in our people and country to weather any no-deal blip, because a prosperous future is there to grab and we must take it.