Do Labour’s Rampant Remainers also have an agenda to thwart Jeremy Corbyn?

Do Labour’s Rampant Remainers also have an agenda to thwart Jeremy Corbyn?

Do the Labour MPs who are making such efforts to stop Brexit and overrule the 2016 “People’s Vote” know what they’re doing? Has their Europeanism driven out their concern for Labour, creating a desperate desire to protect the few from the many by reversing the people’s will? Or is there a more sinister motive? To tie Jeremy Corbyn to Blairite policies and stop him implementing Labour’s?

I ask this because our so-called constitution is built on precedents, but the precedents they’re creating in their anxiety to stay in the EU will all handicap any incoming Labour government as well as cripple Boris.

Labour will find it difficult to win the next election and probably impossible to win it with a working majority. That’s what happened two of our last three governments. In 1964 Harold Wilson came to power with a tiny majority and had to struggle on to another election in 1966 to get the numbers he needed. The same happened in 1974. Wilson had no majority at all and had to pull every trick in the book to struggle on until October when he got a small majority, which had vanished by 1977.

Those governments could have been stopped in their tracks by a compliant Speaker and the kind of demands Hilary Benn’s Act forces on Boris to tie his hands in crucial negotiations. Now that the Tories have learned the tricks, and we have more vengeful minor parties whose dearest wish is to screw up the system, a future Labour government could be hog-tied in the same way.

The same is true of the court proceedings instituted by the lawyer’s friend Gina Miller and so unwisely backed by Sir John Major. The Scottish courts have ruled that they can overrule the executive. The Supreme Court may or may not do the same. But whatever the verdict, a slur of illegality will remain in the public mind, there’s a period of uncertainty while the court decides and they may handicap the Government in some minor way to show impartiality.

If it rules for Boris, there is nothing to stop the same trick being revived; if it rules against Boris, courts are superior to Parliament and a horrendous precedent is created which will almost certainly be used against Labour by the powerful vested interests we have to take on.

So why are Labour’s rampant Remainers so enthusiastic about such dangerous procedures? It could just be a simple love of the EU which means more to them than their party. It could be that they’re daft. Or it could be that they know damned well what they’re doing.

Staying in the EU ties the hands of a putative Corbyn Government. No nationalisation of the railways, no massive deficit to boost growth, in fact no Keynesian spending at all because it would suck in more EU imports rather than boosting British production. No effective regional aid and no state aid to industry of the type China is using to boost their exports. EU law is endlessly fiddle-able, of course, but these make every decision contestable, giving the interests affected a lawyer’s field day.

All that flows from remaining in Europe’s protective bloc. So the smart Blairites can achieve two of their hearts’ desires at the same time: save the EU they love and tie the hands of a Corbyn they hate. It looks that way to me. But then I’ve always been a wee bit suspicious of Blairites bearing gifts.