Change UK/TIG’s failure to make an impact exposes the futility of their anti-Brexit message

Change UK/TIG’s failure to make an impact exposes the futility of their anti-Brexit message

We should thank Chuka Umunna, Anna Soubry and friends for creating The Independent Group. Be it their confusing name (is it TIG, Change UK or the Remain Alliance? Nobody really knows, and neither does their Twitter handle by the looks of it), their confusing black and white party logo that actually resembles a Tesco bag with the life sucked out of it, or their disastrous campaign launch, the forming of this new party has confirmed the gut instinct of many: that the people still want, and have never stopped wanting, to leave the European Union.

The creation of this party was designed to present a real challenge to the Brexit question, to show that the public had in fact changed their minds and decided that remaining in the European Union was the best option for the UK – despite us having a referendum in 2016 that emphatically and legitimately said that this wasn’t the case. But what it has actually done is expose the arrogance of our political elite and demonstrated how woefully out of touch they are with ordinary voters – and for that, we should be grateful.

I admit, that with the car crash that has been Brexit so far, I was worried about the emergence of the Independent Group. I feared that it might reignite a new appetite for a second referendum and that the will of the people would be thwarted, because this isn’t exactly a new phenomenon in relation to the European Union.

Just look at Ireland, for example: made to vote again in 2001 after voting against the Nice Treaty and then again in 2008 after voting against the Lisbon Treaty. Look at Greece, Denmark, the Netherlands, France; this isn’t new and any argument for a second referendum should be treated with suspicion. But we have been told countless times by Remainer politicians that ‘the facts have changed’ and as a result people have supposedly changed their minds, therefore meaning that there should be a “People’s Vote” on Brexit. They reckon that suddenly there is this huge appetite for a centrist party that wants to provide more of the same.

Unsurprisingly, though, people haven’t actually changed their minds. 57% of Leavers, according to YouGov, are more sure than they previously were that they had voted the right way. That’s not to mention the explosion of the Brexit Party onto the political scene, smashing anti-Brexit parties like Change UK and the Lib Dems out of the water, just days after its launch.

The latest polling shows the Brexit Party at 30% for the European elections, topping the polls, with CHUK trailing behind in sixth place at 9%. Indeed, the Brexit Party has been polling consistently above them since the beginning. To make matters worse for CHUK, even in the instance of a general election, the Brexit Party would have the third largest share of the votes according to most polls, which is pretty damning considering the Brexit Party is even newer than them.

All of this serves as a reminder to the elites who believe they know what the people want, when they quite evidently do not. Brexit continues to be the fire that burns in the bellies of the British people and the failure of Change UK to muster the same excitement within the political arena is a sad indictment of the pointlessness of their cause. And so for that, I remain eternally grateful.