Celebrating BrexitCentral’s First Birthday!

Celebrating BrexitCentral’s First Birthday!

It was exactly one year ago today that the BrexitCentral website was launched and our very first email briefing landed in inboxes up and down the land – and indeed across the globe.

It’s been a roller coaster of a year, so as we celebrate this first birthday, it is a timely moment to look back on an eventful first twelve months and say a few words of thanks as we look ahead to an even busier second year.

Aside from a short break over Christmas and switching to twice weekly briefings during August, every single morning over the last year the BrexitCentral team have ensured that our readers have had at their fingertips a comprehensive summary of the day’s Brexit news and views before the start of the working day.

This is no mean feat and for that I pay tribute to our Editor, Jonathan Isaby, who has used all the skills he learnt at the BBC, Daily Telegraph and ConservativeHome to create a first-class product. Jonathan is ably assisted by a triumverate of deputy editors – Hugh Bennett, Darren Grimes and David Scullion – who all burn the midnight oil, get up with the larks and work weekends to keep on top of the never-ending stream of Brexit news. Thanks also to Jordan Taylor, who worked with us until January.

The team provide first-class analysis of the Brexit process, break news that gets followed up elsewhere and use the full range of digital and social media not only to ensure their work reaches the widest possible audience, but also to promote the positive and optimistic vision of Brexit for which people voted in unprecedented numbers last year. We owe them a big debt of gratitude.

And you needn’t just take my word for it. Cabinet minister Michael Gove has described BrexitCentral as “a must-read”, Jacob Rees-Mogg says it is “the best start to the day” and Gisela Stuart, the former Labour MP who chaired the Vote Leave campaign, had said that BrexitCentral is “essential reading for anyone hoping to navigate their way through the complex political process of leaving the EU”.

And what more of a plaudit could we ask for than James McGrory, Executive Director of Open Britain, the organisation which emerged from the Stronger In campaign last year. “While I completely disagree with the editorial line,” he tells us, “I still appreciate what a good quality product the BrexitCentral daily briefing is. Every morning, it is required reading for anyone who wants to be on top of the Brexit issues of the day. Congratulations on a hugely successful first year.”

A key aspect of our offering is the platform we provide for external contributors to share their take on Brexit from a huge range of perspectives. Well over 200 people have written for us: MPs, peers and MEPs from a variety of political traditions, businesspeople, academics, lawyers, economists, activists and experts – all seeking to explain, educate and inform through their writing. I thank them all for their continued submissions.

No venture like BrexitCentral would be possible without the support of those behind the scenes working on fundraising and operations and for that I thank Georgiana Bristol and Meg Hanks.

And of course I thank you, our readers, for your ongoing support, encouragement and constructive feedback about all we are doing.

It has been an historic and busy twelve months. We have seen the establishment of two new government departments dedicated to extricating the UK from the EU and promoting the UK as an independent trading nation; the legal challenge which resulted in Parliament passing new legislation before the triggering of Article 50; speeches and white papers which set out the Government’s negotiating position; a snap general election; the commencement of talks between teams led by David Davis and Michael Barnier; and just last night the passing of the Second Reading of the Bill that will end the supremacy of EU law in the UK and repeal the legislation that took us into the European Economic Community in 1972.

Despite the vocal muttering and moaning of an increasingly marginalised minority of politicians and activists who refuse to accept the referendum result, polling is consistently showing a good 70% of the population wanting the Government to get on with delivering Brexit – which is exactly what they are doing.

There is a heavy legislative programme ahead, dedicated to ensuring that the right legal apparatus is in place for the day we leave the EU, on which BrexitCentral will continue to provide detailed coverage. Similarly, we will maintain the running commentary on the Brexit talks, which I suspect will be stepping up a gear after the German elections are out the way in a couple of weeks’ time.

So as the talks intensify and there is an increased focus on the parliamentary arena, you know that you can rely on BrexitCentral to keep you informed and up to speed on all you need to know, through the website itself, our email briefings and our social media channels. And if you’re not already following us, please do so on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube now!