The case for a World Trade Brexit on 29th March is now stronger than ever

The case for a World Trade Brexit on 29th March is now stronger than ever

The Prime Minister claims it is the ‘patriotic’ duty of MPs to vote for her non-Brexit deal. Nothing could be further from the truth.

New ComRes polling commissioned by Leave Means Leave shows that by far the public think a WTO Brexit, not the Prime Minister’s deal, honours the 2016 referendum. Just 14% of the public think May’s deal delivers Brexit, compared to 54% of voters who think it doesn’t (including 62% of Leave voters).

MPs are elected to carry out the will of the people – that is the most patriotic duty our parliamentarians hold.

Theresa May’s own 2017 manifesto said “No Deal is better than a bad deal”, and by now it is clear not only in MPs’ eyes but in the British public’s eyes that this is a bad deal. A senior No. 10 source dismissed this mantra when I put it to them last week, but if Downing Street were serious about delivering Brexit they would take Britain out of the EU on 29th March on WTO rules.

Our polling clearly shows that Conservative voters also back No Deal, with 66% saying they agreed with the statement ‘In order to get the best deal with the EU, ‘no-deal’ must be put back on the negotiation table’.

The most shocking figure from our polling is that 56% of Conservative voters agree with the statement ‘The Government seems to be in favour of remaining in the EU and has set out to thwart Brexit from the beginning’.

Any future Conservative leader may want think about this very carefully.

The truth is that those 56% of Tory voters have a point. The Government’s constant backtracking and blurring of red lines has created an atmosphere where trust has broken down.

That’s a major reason why the Prime Minister will struggle to get her deal through, because by trying to play off each side she has destroyed her own credibility. This is getting through to the public too.

When asked whether they agree with the statement ‘MPs voting to delay Brexit has pushed my faith in politicians to an all time low’, 54% of the public said yes, whereas just 24% disagreed.

This lack of trust in our political leaders, and our supposed representatives in Parliament, drips poison into the public psyche. The mood among Brexiteers since 2016 has been spiralling downwards as the Prime Minister continues to humiliate herself and her country on the world stage.

But it’s not just Theresa May causing the public to lose faith, it is the anti-democratic MPs who are using every trick in the book to frustrate Brexit. 2016 was the first time the people won against the establishment, and now after years of infighting and manoeuvring the elites are beginning to hold the upper hand. Whether that’s John Bercow giving direct advice to Remain-backing politicians on how to take over control of Parliament or Tony Blair advising the EU to frustrate Brexit, the Westminster elite are in full force in trying to betray Brexit.

The only way out of this is to leave on 29th March.

John Bercow blocking another meaningful vote means it is now Theresa May’s duty to go for a World Trade Brexit, which is the most popular option for Brexit voters and Conservatives.

It is time for Theresa May to fulfill her patriotic and solemn duty to take Britain out of the EU on 29th March – otherwise public trust in her party and the political system will continue to collapse.

ComRes surveyed 2,033 British adults online between 15th and 17th March 2019. Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all GB adults. Voting intention questions were also weighted by past vote recall and likelihood to vote and all other questions also weighted by 2016 EU Referendum results.