The Brexit resistance movement is quiet about the Euro-nightmare awaiting us if we change our minds

The Brexit resistance movement is quiet about the Euro-nightmare awaiting us if we change our minds

The resistance movement called up by Tony Blair to fight Brexit has attracted more generals (take Hezza, Cleggie, Clark and Ashdown) than other ranks. Like their counterparts in World War One, Tony’s supernumerary generals sit in their chateaux, away from the front line, leaving the fighting to their Batmen, such as Alastair Campbell, happily lambasting Boris and denouncing Corbyn, and the flag waving fools who stand outside Westminster on work experience training to become professional Euro flag wavers in Brussels.

The generals work by encouraging misery, fear and disunity. They forecast disaster, exude gloom, demand publication of our every negotiating position to weaken it, and encourage what Hammond calls “the enemy” (i.e. their friends). They demand a second referendum in the belief that electors will change their minds. They want a cost-benefit analysis of withdrawal, having refused for for years to provide one on membership because Europe’s benefits are “inestimable”.

Our Euro-Blimps claim to have made the British economy strong. Now they tell us it’s too weak to survive outside the EU. Their faith in Britain is so low, and their contempt for its electorate so high, one begins to wonder whose side they’re on. The EU is more important to them than a strong British economy able to pay the nation’s way in the world.

The plan is to sow doubt, make the job of the British negotiators harder, and encourage the EU to play hard ball. That’ll show the people how stupid they’ve been to vote for Brexit. Then we Brits will slink back into the Euro-circus to receive a warm welcome from Juncker, Merkel and Macron who’ve had to be cruel to be kind, but really love us, and our money even more so.

The Blimps are so sure they’re right that they haven’t bothered to tell us whether and how we can go back, or to think about how the EU could change to ease our discontents. Will it just take us back on the old terms, rebate, exemption from Euro, Schengen, refugees and all that? Or will they treat us as a new applicant forced to accept all the rules we’ve already rejected? No suggestion that the EU should be changed in anyway to give us a fair deal and work better.

Their offer of going back to the future comes with all the old Euro-crap of “being in to lead” as if we could push the shambling Euro-monster in more sensible directions than it’s refused to go before. That takes no account of the changes which will have occurred by decision day in 2019 putting Britain more on the periphery than it’s ever been.

Given the new deal between Macron and Merkel, all the EU action will now concentrate on trying to make the Euro work, with a Euro finance minister, budget and policy coordination. We’ll be excluded from all that, sitting on the pathetic periphery.

The European army may well be on the march. That will weaken NATO, the centre of our defence interests, and demand contributions from us. The Balkan states will be coming in, needing adhesion funding which we’ll have to contribute to, to allow them to subsidise British jobs and production moving to the Balkans, as Poland already has. Finally, the process of death by draining jobs and money to the EU, created by our £60 billion trading deficit, our £11 billion contribution and the £17 billion cost of the CAP and CFP (call it the Junckergeld, it’s around £100 billion p.a.) will have gone on for another two years of debilitation. Germany isn’t going to stop building the biggest surplus in the world just to give British suckers a more even break .

Not a particularly appetising prospect, but Yesterday’s Generals have kept quiet about it to concentrate on undermining the British side, rather than describing the future the EU offers a returning non-prodigal son. No need to open that can of Euro-worms when all they hope to do is leave the Brits alone, so they will come home, dragging their tails behind them. Just like the fairy story. Yet real fairy stories end with everyone living happy ever after. National humiliation may not.