Boris Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement provides a path to the Canada-style EU-UK free trade deal we seek

Boris Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement provides a path to the Canada-style EU-UK free trade deal we seek

What our Prime Minister has succeeded in doing by securing the revised Withdrawal Agreement and future relationship should be applauded. Well done PM.

Is it the best deal? No, but it is much better than the deal proposed by his predecessor that would have locked us into orbit with the EU for an eternity. I am in no doubt that our PM and his negotiating team have secured all they could in the face of the Surrender Act that severely limited our leverage.

I have always warned (since Chequers) that the end deal would be a modification of the original deal without the backstop that would leave us tied to in some way to the EU and some of its institutions. To an extent the new deal is just that, but there are some other modifications that make the proposal tolerable.

I can see a path to a destination that would secure a mutually beneficial Free Trade Agreement (Canada+++) with the EU that will allow us to decide over our Standards and Regulations in the interests of the British people. It will take some time, but it is very doable with the right people at the helm.

Commentators say we are on a knife edge and that the vote could go either way. That may be the case, but I urge all MPs to vote for this deal. To vote against it would undoubtably cause further damage to UK interests and allow the Remain faction to continue to try and undo the referendum result. Such moves would do untold damage to our society and country. Furthermore, British businesses would be left in a state of flux that would further damage their interests. Finally, the British people want it done.

There may be dangers in voting it through too, but these will be more manageable with Boris Johnson, his team and the outstanding MPs who have stood firm in charge. Also, voters will see attempts to derail or damage progress by others as further evidence of their unsuitability for office.

Coupled to this, it is worth considering that Jeremy Corbyn is fast running out of time and I don’t doubt that he will be excommunicated prior to an election when you look at the polling.

If this deal goes through, I foresee an end to the Lib Dem dream which in turn will help a positive and pragmatic Government intent on delivering a truly self-governing United Kingdom. The Brexit Party still have an important role to play in this and can help to further progress political change in the interests of all.

We must bank this gain and move forward to the destination which is now visible, remembering that there now remains the lever of a “no deal” walk away now that the backstop has gone. Let’s get Brexit done.