Boris Johnson will get us out of the EU by October 31st and halt the corrosion of trust in the democratic process

Boris Johnson will get us out of the EU by October 31st and halt the corrosion of trust in the democratic process

Those of us who are involved in Conservative Party politics have certainly known better times in our party. Rarely have I known the party to be so low in the polls. It is a dispiriting situation for all those involved and comes at a time when the stakes could not be higher. Trust in politics is rapidly decreasing as the suffocating Brexit cloud hangs over Parliament, grinding normal political processes to a halt.

The recent European election saw the main parties’ vote decrease heavily, thanks to the insurgent Brexit Party eating at our support. The Labour Party seems to be edging closer and closer to coming out fully for a second referendum and indeed the official position of the Labour Welsh Government is that we should have a divisive and unwanted second referendum in order to remain in the EU, completely ignoring the fact that it was not just Conservatives that voted for Brexit but also 52% of Wales.

We desperately need an end to this, a conclusion that delivers on the result that was voted for by the British people; anything else will further corrode trust in our democratic process. People up and down this country are crying out for politicians to show leadership and to get back to focusing on issues such as how we can improve standards in our schools and hospitals, and thus improve the life chances of all our citizens.

When people like me, who are proud Conservatives, vote in the upcoming leadership election, we have a big task ahead of us. We are not just selecting a party leader but a Prime Minister who must govern for the whole nation in these difficult times.

An extraordinary level of leadership qualities and vision is required to steer our country away from the rocks. We need someone who can enthuse the Conservative Party and our country and bring people together; but this can only be done once we have left the EU.

We need someone who grasps the simple fact that there can be no more delay or dithering from Westminster; the country needs decisive action now.

I believe that Boris Johnson is the man who has the requisite skills, talent and agenda to take this country forward at this difficult moment. He understands that we must leave the EU on October 31st and that the party faces existential danger if we do not. Boris believes in Brexit and he put his career on the line twice for Brexit: not only did he come out for Brexit when a Remain victory looked nailed on, but he then also resigned from a job he loved when he thought the Prime Minister’s approach did not represent what people voted for.

Boris realises that it is not just the date, but we need to get a new deal – one that does not lock us into the EU’s regulatory regime. But, importantly, at a time when nationalists in Wales and Scotland are on the rise, we need a new deal that does not split up our Union. However, if the EU refuse to engage constructively with these proposals, then Boris recognises that we will leave on WTO terms. Indeed it is only by being prepared to do this that we will stand a chance of getting a new deal from Brussels.

Aside from Brexit, Boris is the man to take the fight to Jeremy Corbyn and stop him from getting into No. 10. Whether it is the cancelling of the tolls on the Severn Bridge crossing, saving thousands of pounds for Welsh and English commuters and removing a physical block to the Union, or the delivering of a new funding settlement for Wales, ensuring that there is a 20% Welsh dividend in public funds, it is the Conservative Party that has been delivering for Wales. That can only continue if we keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Number 10.

We saw from the Brexit vote that many parts of our country feel left behind from more prosperous areas. A huge part of the next PM’s job will be to bring this country back together and to level up the disparities in society. But it is only by getting Brexit over the line that the new PM can move on to improving our schools, boosting our infrastructure and bringing society back together. It is clear that this will form a huge part of Boris’s agenda.

The challenge is large, but I believe that under Boris we can look forward to a more prosperous united country, free from the shackles of endless debates about Brexit and move on to what we do best: delivering for all the British people.