Blocking Brexit or backing another referendum would cost Labour at the polls

Blocking Brexit or backing another referendum would cost Labour at the polls

Labour’s attitude to Brexit and a second referendum could cost them 19 of their 25 most marginal seats, making a Labour government a more distant prospect. Voters want to get a move on with Brexit and are not interested in a second referendum.

Global Britain recently conducted polling in the top 44 marginal Conservative constituencies and found there was so much opposition to Chequers that it could cost the Government all of those seats in a general election.

Now Global Britain has conducted a new poll of the 25 most marginal Labour seats and found 58 per cent of voters declared that politicians should get on with the UK leaving the EU and respect the result of the referendum.

63 per cent thought politicians should respect the referendum result whatever their personal opinion and so consequently almost half of voters (44 per cent) said if their MP blocked Brexit in Parliament, they would be less likely to support them.

45 per cent of voters thought Brexit to be the most important issue facing the country and a huge four-fifths of voters (80 per cent) stated that the sooner Brexit is finished, the better – and that the issue has now dragged on enough.

The vast majority of voters were against a second referendum, with only 22 per cent wanting one.

The message is clear to Labour: prevent Brexit and you prevent the party becoming a government.

The poll was conducted by IQR using a weighted sample of 500 in each constituency over the last two weeks. Coming out as it does just as the Labour conference opens, it sends a message to the Labour leadership that backing a second referendum or delaying Brexit would be electoral suicide.