The Recalcitrant Remainers are sabotaging the UK’s negotiating hand before Brexit talks have begun

The Recalcitrant Remainers are sabotaging the UK’s negotiating hand before Brexit talks have begun

For Recalcitrant Remainers, the EU is so important that it’s become their religion; a deity which the people must obey whether they want to or not. These Remoaners never give up. They’re dedicated to re-fighting a battle which was decided by the people in the referendum.

They’re so convinced that the people are wrong that they’re happy to act as secret agents for the EU, strengthening its hand in the Brexit negotiations, standing ready to reject the outcome if it fulfills the will of the British people and making every effort to sabotage anything which implements that popular will. Democracy can’t be allowed to stand in the way of the European Union.

The EU always insists that any election or referendum which goes against it must be re-run to ensure that the people eat any words of criticism and do what Brussels wants. The French, Irish and Danish electorates have already been forced to do this and now the Recalcitrant Remainers want us to do the same. So they argue that the people were conned by lies while their own wild forecasts of disaster resulting from Brexit were absolutely fair and correct, that the electorate made a mistake and will realise just how wrong they were.

They prepare for that happy day by attributing everything that goes wrong to Brexit. Has race crime increased? It may have increased even more in Germany, France, Denmark and Hungary, which haven’t yet opted for Brexit – but it’s due to Brexit here. Has domestic violence increased? Have we had a poor summer? Is Bubonic plague spreading in the North? Clearly Brexit is to blame.

Has the pound gone down? That may be the only way to tackle the gaping trade deficit which we’ve accumulated as a result of the EU draining money, jobs and demand out of Britain – because a lower exchange rate boosts exports and reduces imports, as every previous devaluation has done. Ignore that and forecast horrendous even bigger price increases than French agricultural protection forces on us already.

Negotiations under Article 50 won’t start until next year. They’ll certainly be tough, but even tougher because the Recalcitrants will be on the other side forecasting that we’ll never be allowed to control immigration, that we’ll be refused access and have to face horrendous tariff barriers and that the City will go bust…

In their view we’re too weak to have any negotiating strength. We’ll never get trade agreements with anyone else and need the EU to prop us up with aid and support, ignoring the fact that it’s a market in which the strong (aka Germany) win and the weak (aka Greece) go to the wall. They also turn a blind eye to the fact that we’re now having to borrow even to pay an excessive subscription to belong to the club that’s ruining us. All this can only encourage the EU to take an even tougher line in the negotiations on the assumption that it’s what the British people really want, whatever they say to the contrary and the fifth column will take over if the EU doesn’t give way.

Their other strategy is to sabotage the negotiations before they’ve even started. They demand that the Government set out its terms in advance, even though Ted Heath didn’t do that when he sold us down the river to get in. No serious negotiator can work by revealing everything in advance, yet knowing that MPs are more Euro-enthusiastic than their electors, they see Parliament as the EU’s last bastion against withdrawal. So they insist that Parliament not only ratify the final agreement – presumably so it can turn it down – but must vote even on whether negotiations can start to fulfill the wishes of the British people.

This is more than  a rearguard action by sulky spoilsports defeated in the referendum; it’s a refusal to accept the verdict of democracy. Brexit won because forty years of experience of the EU had turned a hopeful two thirds majority in favour into an angry majority against. Quite a Euro achievement – which makes it particularly appalling to me that much of this betrayal is being engineered by the Labour Party.

Could there be better way of permanantly alienating the 40% or so of Labour supporters who rejected the party line? Could there be anything which alienates those voters Labour has retained more than their party sabotaging the wishes of the people because it worships other gods?