As the March To Leave nears Westminster, join us and help stop the Brexit betrayal in its tracks

As the March To Leave nears Westminster, join us and help stop the Brexit betrayal in its tracks

We have reached the penultimate day of our 14-day ‘March To Leave’ to stop the Brexit betrayal. Having started in Sunderland, we have already covered a distance of 250 miles and our spirits remain as strong as ever. The response we have received from the public has been absolutely fantastic. We have been overwhelmed by the warmth and kindness we have received from people along the route; it is clear that this is something that matters to them.

For many of us, 23rd June 2016 was one of the best days of our lives. We knew that many people were divided by the result – but we also knew that we needed to come together to make Brexit a success. Our politicians have had almost three years to deliver on the result of the referendum. Instead, our political and ruling class have spent the past three years doing everything they can to undermine the democratic will of the people. We are no closer to a solution than three years ago. Something must change.

For us, this march is no longer about Remain v Leave, it is about people’s faith in democracy. It is about holding our broken political system accountable. If politicians are allowed to perpetrate this betrayal, it will erode trust in democracy permanently and will lead to irreparable damage to our country and our future. We must not allow that to happen. Our politicians and ruling class must understand that they are on notice and the people will not be cowed.

Westminster-obsessed journalists continue to talk about a ‘constitutional crisis’ – but the real crisis is the disconnect between MPs and the voters they’re supposed to represent. Tomorrow our march will arrive in Westminster, and we intend to make that point clear.

We are not being paid to do this – we are giving up our time to do this because this is something we passionately believe in. If there is one thing we have all learned from this march, it is that the British people share our anger and frustrations. The warmth and generosity we have received from the public along the way has been truly moving, from members of the public stopping to deliver us snacks to drivers beeping their horns in support; at one point we thought we would get in trouble with the police due to the volume of people beeping at us in support. And if we had stopped at every pub that offered us a free pint, we would still be in Sunderland.

I have met some fantastic people over the course of the last thirteen days, from enthusiastic locals to eurosceptic politicians and of course my fellow marchers. It has been great for me, as a woman, to march with the Ladies for Leave, and to discuss Brexit and other political issues amongst people who respect and listen to your point of view. Too many of us have been silenced for too long.

A group of Ladies for Leave will be dressing as Suffragettes on Friday to honour those women who came before us and the sacrifices they made in fighting to get the vote for women. Then, as now, the establishment is trying to silence us. Their disdain for women back then seems to have transposed itself to the utter contempt they have for leave voters now.

There were 8 million women who voted to Leave and we carry the suffragettes’ motto on our march: ‘deeds not words’. And surely with blistered feet, sore legs and aching backs, we are indeed honouring these glorious women of history and the women of the future.

The establishment and Remainers can sneer at us all they want, it has no effect on us. We would rather have sore feet than be sore losers. Come tomorrow, we will be in Parliament Square at 4pm expressing our dissatisfaction at the way Brexit has been handled. We urge you to come and join us and stop the Brexit betrayal in its tracks!

For those wanting to join the final leg of the March To Leave from Fulham to Westminster tomorrow (Friday 29th March), you are advised to assemble at 11.30am at Bishops Park, Stevenage Road, Fulham, London SW6 6HA (just past Fulham Football Club)