An open letter to our MPs: You will not be forgiven if you do not respect the referendum result

An open letter to our MPs: You will not be forgiven if you do not respect the referendum result

Dear Members of Parliament,

Firstly please accept my congratulations on your election result.

For nearly twenty years I and many others have been working hard to expose the damage to our company and many other British businesses (particularly SMEs) as a result of the UK’s membership of the EU.

As you are aware, this long fight culminated in the 2016 EU referendum at which the British people voted for Brexit.

The recent election results undoubtedly cause damage to our UK Government’s strength but this need not and must not be allowed to frustrate the will of the people or allow our country to be bullied or pushed into what some call a “soft Brexit”, or in effect staying in the EU.

A “soft” or “softer” arrangement would be a betrayal of what we voted for because any continued tie to the single market would entail some if not the full jurisdiction of the ECJ. The single market has been a disaster for us and the UK; there has never been a surplus in our trade and the uneven playing field has meant we are less competitive in the European market. Not only is it nearly impossible to work and compete in the EU market, the regulatory burden negatively affects our domestic and worldwide trade.

Also, to remain in the customs union would mean that as a country we cannot do our own trade deals with the rest of the world. We have exported to over 140 countries throughout our 98 years in business; we have an idea of what we are talking about. To remain in the customs union and single market would continue to benefit only the big multinationals and large companies who revel in regulation that keeps the competition out. The customs union is a terrible tragedy for Third World agriculture and fisheries, and prevents proper trade.

The sad reality of misguided Remain politicians who mean to do well for their constituents is that they damage the very people they say they are representing. They fail to see the great prize that can be won through us once again becoming a world trading country. Businesses like ours are ready and prepared to generate the wealth our country so desperately needs to reduce the deficit and pay off the £1.73 trillion we owe according to figures published in March 2017.

We voted Out and that means Out please. Out of the EU but not Out of Europe. Out of the damaging jurisdiction of the ECJ. Out of the single market that only works for the few. Out of the customs union that ties us to trading in a protectionist bloc.

There is no such thing as a “Hard Brexit”; it is a deceptive phrase used to describe negatively what we voted for. We want to break these key ties cleanly and be free to trade with our European friends and the rest of the world.

Please uphold what the British people voted for. You will never be forgiven if you don’t.

Do not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
































Yours sincerely,
Simon Boyd
Managing Director