A Conservative majority is the only chance we Leavers have to get Brexit done

A Conservative majority is the only chance we Leavers have to get Brexit done

The choice is clear in a general election which will define the future of our country and its place in the world for decades to come.

I implore every single person to vote Conservative – and to those moderates in the Labour Party who respect the democratic process, I ask only that they do the right thing to fulfil the 2016 referendum result: and that means voting Tory. The sole way of realising Brexit is through a Conservative majority.

This is not about party politics or class, it is about the future of our country, its people and its economy.

I have been fighting for the European Union to change for more than 20 years, yet with the miserable failure of David Cameron’s “tour de Europe” in 2015, it became evident that a clean break was the only way left.

The EU’s mountain of red tape and rampant protectionism has had such a damaging impact on our businesses in this country for so many years. In the late 1990s we saw the stranglehold of the EU choke the life out of British Standards, seen by many as the finest in the world, to be replaced by the costly, anti-competitive and Byzantine system of Eurocodes.

Furthermore, in the manufacturing sector in which our business operates, the false premise that CE marking denotes something that is well designed, safe and of good quality has added to the burden of bad directives and regulations emanating from the EU.

Over the years we have also seen attack after attack on the on the working man and woman with forced restrictions on their working hours, which I fought against tooth and nail. Indeed, a poll of steel workers showed that a whopping 90 per cent of those asked did not want any form of restriction on the numbers of hours they could choose to work.

Not all regulation is bad, of course. Some is needed, but the point is this: when we leave the EU we will have the freedom as an independent nation to decide our own standards and regulations in the best interests of our people and our economy. This includes restoring British Standards to their rightful position as a hallmark of the finest quality worldwide.

This week our business has signed the UK Steel Charter, which is a pledge to support the UK steel industry. We have also just agreed to make British Steel our preferred supplier. SMEs such as ourselves – no matter what sector or persuasion – should applaud the support provided by the Government for British Steel as it is has been instrumental in keeping our industry alive in this country.

Once we leave the EU, our government – together with our businesses – will be able to seize more opportunities to drive the economy forward, especially on the world stage with the great prize to be won in new trade deals.

A government with Jeremy Corbyn at the helm on Friday would be a complete horror show for businesses, the economy and this country – and for Brexit itself.

For our business alone it would mean multi-million pound investment plans – designed to take advantage of the benefits of Brexit – being thrown into disarray.

A government with Corbyn in charge would bring into question the very survival of many businesses and leave the prospect of any beneficial type of Brexit at all rapidly diminishing.

A bright future awaits outside of the EU. Let’s not leave it to luck. Seeing Boris Johnson forming a majority Conservative government on Friday is the only chance we have.